General Info

Career Choices

Prior to registration, prospective learners are given reliable advice regarding choice of programme, career paths and employment opportunities, individual career counselling is available.

Admission Requirements

All learners have to meet the admission requirements for the learning programme they are registering for. The requirements are clearly stated for each programme

Application Procedures

An Application Letter has to be written, posted or emailed request to to study at he Campus.If you are successful, an Interview Date will be set with a cost of R500, which is non-refundable.

Required Documentation

You would need to have a Matric Certificate and an Identity Document

Additional Fees
Orientation Program

The programme allows the learner to gain knowledge on various aspects of the institute, which enhances their academic and personal development.

Language Instruction

English is the medium of instruction.

Bursary Learners
Student Counselling Services

This service is available to all Learners and is provided by the Institution’s qualified Counsellor.

Tuiton Fees